22 May 2024: Well-Balanced Test-Driven Development

The world of automated tests can be quite overwhelming. Tests exist in a wide variety of flavours; like unit tests, integration tests, API tests, database tests, acceptance tests, UI tests, performance tests, regression tests, smoke tests, etc. … All of these have their usefulness for the specific purpose that they are serving. When zooming in further on unit tests specifically, we find that there are generally two different types of verification: state verification and behaviour verification. How and, most importantly, when should we apply these types of verification? Then there are also two different approaches to TDD. Which of these should we choose? There’s a lot to learn about a seemingly simple practice as Test-Driven Development. In this talk we’re going to discover why it’s important to find a balance in TDD and how to accomplish this.

Jan Van Ryswyck

Jan is a technical coach / software craftsman at Principal IT ( From time to time, he likes to speak at conferences and developer community gatherings.

The location is the Zorgi offices at Legeweg 157, Oostkamp.


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8 February 2023: No, I don’t need servers in AWS!

No, I do not need to manage any servers for .NET development in AWS. Serverless is a hot topic, and for most .NET developers, that means they instinctively look at Microsoft Azure. But what if I told you that you can move to AWS as well if you want to throw away these virtual machines, SQL servers, … ? But what does that mean for our architecture? In this session I will show how to set up an application architecture, using C#, for serverless on AWS. I’ll touch on topics like Serverless Compute, Storage, Databases and serverless Identity Management. After this session you will have an understanding on how to use AWS services as your new development ‘framework’. And although AWS will be used for demonstration, the same principles can be applied to Azure.

Rob Van Pamel

Started in 2007 as a .NET developer and still eager to learn new things everyday!


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30 Nov 2022: Tools in the dev toolbox to deliver quality

Software development is expensive, software has bugs, fixing bugs is expensive. Is there no way to turn things around? Don’t we have tools available to deliver software with higher quality? Yes we do!

In this session I’ll share my experiences which tools really contribute to deliver quality in software development.

In this presentation I address the following topics from a non-coding point of view.

  • Getting things done
  • CI/CD
  • DevOps culture
  • DDD
  • Eventstroming
  • TDD
  • Pair Programming

What are the benefits of applying them in your daily dev routines!

Frederic Pape

Senior Software Engineer, Axians Business Applications In the software industry since 2001, working at Axians since 2006. Since the start of my career still a tech boy loving programming languages, tools, frameworks… but my main passion is creating and delivering software. My aim is always to build and deliver the ‘right’ thing. I’m developer advocate, championing DDD, TDD & pair programming. After working hours I’m a husband, father and addicted tabletop gamer.


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Unfortunately the current covid-19 situation is still precarious.

We had the intention of hosting a workshop in Q3 on which attendees had to pair program but keeping the safety measures in mind this seems infeasible at the moment. This workshop will be postponed to a later date once this pandemic is under control.

Alas this means there will be no event from us in Q3 but we are eagerly looking for alternatives for the next quarter.

Take care, stay safe and follow us for upcoming events.


Recording of Jon Skeet’s Talk on versioning

Thanks again to Jon Skeet for the interesting talk about versioning. The recording of the webinar can be found here.

Follow us the get more details on the upcoming workshop about legacy code planned in Q3.


27 May 2020: Jon Skeet on Versioning, and how it makes my head hurt

Software engineers use versioning all the time, and .NET is no different. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking a lot about versioning in different contexts, and I wish I could now say I knew how to do it easily. Instead, I can at least share my experiences, highlight some problems, and maybe look at possible improvements to come. We’ll look at:

  • What is a version anyway?
  • Where do we use versions day to day?
  • What do we mean by semantic versioning?
  • What are the patterns for server-side API versioning?
  • What are the highlights and lowlights of .NET’s support for versioning?

About Jon Skeet

Jon Skeet is a Staff Developer Platform Engineer at Google, working on Google Cloud Platform client libraries for .NET, based in the London office. (That’s the theory, anyway. Most of the time he works from his shed instead.) He’s best known for contributions to Stack Overflow as well as his book, C# in Depth. Additionally he is the primary maintainer of the Noda Time date/time library for .NET.
Outside of software, Jon is a committed Christian, and enjoys theatre (particularly musical theatre), playing board games, and spending time with his amazing family.


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Because of COVID-19 and the safety measure we should take into account we are hosting this as a virtual session.
Zoom link, a password will be mailed to the registered users on the day of the event.


monday 30 September 2019 – If at first you don’t succeed with Event Sourcing – Yves Reynhout

As more teams / software developers start out with event sourcing, they are confronted with fairly common problems, hindering their ability to deliver, causing technical paralysis. This talk is a gentle introduction to event sourcing and takes a practical and pattern like approach towards addressing those problems. Walk away with a better understanding ….

The talk can be in English. If there are only Dutch-speaking attendees, we will probably do it in Dutch.


Please notify us of your presence on

About Yves Reynhout

Yves is a passionate software developer with a broad range of experience and interests, passionate about technology, and has a constant urge to learn and improve his skills.

His work exists primarily in building mobile, cloud and native, multi-user products, with features that can scale, like allowing a high degree of configurability by the end-users, buliding in authentication and authorization, printing, reporting, aggregating and distilling information. Also integration with third parties, services and devices, making use of both messaging and RPC.

He analyses, designs, documents, implements models to automate business processes, designs solutions that multiple teams can work on, writes automated test specifications on unit, integration, scenario and UI level, writes code for every layer in the stack, automates deployment of software through scripts and infrastructure as code, and is also involved in the operational side of running software (like monitoring, logging, tracing, diagnostics). All to meet the customer’s needs.

About the location

The event is in the building of Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds at Gistelse Steenweg 294, Sint-Andries, Brugge.

Parking is available around the entire building. If you can’t find a parking space, just drive a little further around the building.

There will be arrows pointing the way from the entrance all the way up to the room on the 3rd floor.

Doors open at 19:30, session starts at 20:00.