21 April 2021 – Hannes D’Hulster: It’s All About People

A true story about how a 90ies email marketing tool was transformed into a modern product organisation. Product, here, deals with what features should be build and how they should work. Not technically, but from a business but mostly a user point of view.
We’ll tell you what we changed, how we handled that and how this affects all people involved. It includes change and heavy moments, but it has a happy ending.

Hannes D’Hulster

Born in Bruges, studied in interaction design in Genk and designed educational games, websites and applications since 2001. With his collective Smooth Sailing he helps start-ups and scale-ups to reduce the chaos in their head, software and team.
In his hometown, he organises Cityhacks, a yearly hackathon and during his student years he helped building Brugsebuurten. In his spare time he likes to go for a “toerke van de vesten” and is part of the board of Het Entrepot.


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