20 September 2023: Simulating Machines in a Game Engine

The use of simulations for industrial applications has greatly increased in the recent years. These digital twins are widely used: from testing software on yet-to-be-built machines to experimenting with the layout of new production lines.

In this talk, simulation engineer Lienert Deprez explains what a simulation can do and how game engines are excellent tools for developing them. The talk delves into how a game engine functions and the differences compared to ‘conventional’ software development.

Lienert Deprez

By day Lienert develops his digital twins in C#, by night he creates software for escape rooms. Lienert has been in love with the Unity game engine for over 7 years.

The location is the Zorgi offices at Legeweg 157, Oostkamp.


Please RSVP on ourĀ Meetup page.

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